Stick '
N Twist Light Bulb Remover/Installer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Our current product the "Stick 'N Twist" Light Bulb Remover/Installer listed here for sale is the product of necessity and we all know "necessity is the mother of invention." A series of frustrating events concerning slightly corroded recessed lighting in a bathroom ceiling was the birth place of this idea. This is a product you end up really needing but don't think of till you need it. Our light bulb remover/installer was designed for the consumer to solve this frequently occurring problem of a tight, stuck or hard to turn or to grab bulb without the inconvenience of storing and using a long cumbersome pole device or a suction cup. The material used for the Stick 'N Twist device is form fitting, tear resistant and will stick to different size/shape smooth bulb surfaces. Apply and easily twist on and off everyday bulbs, hard to grab recessed lighting, inset track lighting and fixtures, bulbs in deep cannons and stuck bulbs. This disposable item is good for more then one use. Stick 'N Twist's adhesive will not leave a sticky residue on the bulb or hand and its bonding action protects glass from breakage on even the most stuck bulbs or bulbs accidentally dropped. For room temperature bulbs and bulbs during cool down. Use on a wide variety of light bulbs and fixtures like the ones shown below.


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